panel popper
s-l1600 (14)

5 Pcs Car Suv Interior Door Clip Open Panel Trim Dash Audio Removal Pry Tool Kit


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Product Description

Impact resistant plastic set safely removes and installs interior and exterior trim, door panels, dash and upholstery panels, body moldings and emblems. Tool construction will not harm upholstery or scratch exterior surfaces like metal tools.

Ideal for installing and removing auto door and window trim, moldings, panels, emblems and similar fittings / clips. Made of nylon that will not mar surfaces like metal tools. Specially designed tools make easy work of removing and installing specialty fasteners used in auto interior panels, trim, molding and emblems. Each tool is approximately 7” in length.

5 Pcs. Set Includes:
Panel Remover – Handy Remover
Wide-type Remover – Pull-type Remover
Clip Panel Remover – Narrow-type Remover
Upholstery Clip Remover – Angled Clip Panel Remover
Fork Tip Flat Clip Panel Remover – Sharp Tip Flat Clip Panel Remover – Blunt Tip Flat Clip Panel Remover